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Veuillez noter que les liens intégrés aux communiqués de presse datant de 2016 et plus ne sont peut-être plus actifs.

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Gold Bullion Development Corp. (TSXV: GBB) (OTCPINK: GBBFF) (“Gold Bullion”) today announced that it had filed a counter-claim against Genivar Inc. before the Superior Court of Québec (500-17-070970-127). In its counter-claim, Gold Bullion is claiming the amount of $25,431,906.10 in damages from Genivar as a result of the failure by the latter to properly perform its contractual obligations in relation to the Granada and Castle Mines projects. In the same proceeding, Gold Bullion also denied owing the amount of $783,652.06 which Genivar is claiming.

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